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CD4160 Quadruple Channel

Corona Discharge (CD4160) Quadruple Channel

The CD4160 provides a quadruple channel Ozone supply with a variable capacity control.

When set to 100% output the generated Ozone will be sufficient to service the needs of washing machines with a capacity up to 30kg for each channel (channels can be linked to service the needs of larger capacity machines up to a maximum of 120kg). This variable control ensures that the correct levels of Ozone can be infused for smaller capacity washing machines.

When configured for optimal use, in conjunction with an effective Ozone Programme for the target washing machine and operator awareness, the iZoneO3 CD4160 provides the facility for total infection control and the prevention of cross-contamination between wash cycles.  Substantial operating cost savings are an additional benefit.


  • Non-intrusive
  • Safety cut-off linked to room monitor

Design Features

  • Modular components
  • Ease of maintenance

Front View

Underside View

Control Panel