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Best Practice

Best Practice

There is no secret to how Ozone works (some varied interpretations exist) but the real magic is in how systems are configured to work effectively, and by systems iZoneO3 include; washing machines, detergents, Ozone technology, room monitors, safety systems, effective maintenance schedules and operator awareness.

iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems are designed for non-intrusive installation for the majority of good quality commercial washing machines.  However some commercial laundry equipment is more suitable for use with an effective Ozone Disinfection System than others.  

As mentioned the magic (in part) is in how Ozone is deployed during the wash cycle and a washing machine with a more flexible programming capability is better suited to take advantage of the potential benefits.

Washing machines do need Ozone-supporting wash programmes to work effectively.  

Each iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection System will arrive with all the necessary components to build an effective Ozone Disinfection System, the additional elements will include programming washing machines, updating operational instructions and scheduled maintenance visits.

iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems are designed so that WRAS Approval status, of washing machines, is not jeopardised, With a proven room monitoring and safety system designed to ensure safe operation, iZoneO3 is the next generation of safe and cost-effective Ozone Technology.