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Ozone Disinfection - Does Work

iZoneO3 - the next generation of Ozone Disinfection Systems are now available, with a comprehensive business and support model that can deliver tangible benefits; ensuring infection control, reducing operating costs and leading to a safer Earth.

More and more the need for infection control is becoming pre-eminent in shared laundry services (especially as MRSA is becoming more prevalent in the wider community).   In the past, the importance of infection control may have been overlooked (in the belief that a hot wash from a domestic washing machine would be sufficient to disinfect laundry items).   Regardless of the technology, the fact is that a wash cycle would need to be at higher temperatures (for longer) in order to be effective as a mechanism for disinfection. 

Simple physics would suggest that the energy required to heat that water for longer periods is substantial.  This can be reflected in utility bills...

So, what if there was a way to guarantee infection control in a laundry system operating at lower temperatures and being as effective (if not more so) than the hot wash option?  Imagine the savings in electricity, water, detergent and time and picture a disinfected laundry and clean machines between every wash cycle.

Substantial savings are possible for:

  1. Care and Nursing Homes

  2. Hotels and Spas

  3. Housing Associations and Shared Accommodation

  4. Military and other Institutions

  5. Vet, Canine, Feline and Equine boarding

Based on some standard mathematics; the potential saving for a typical 18Kg washing machine in a Care Home, can be anything up to £6k each and every year. 

The science behind the efficacy of Ozone-based disinfection is proven by a number of independent globally-based analysts and notable figures in the medical world. iZoneO3 have made the next leap with the design and development of the next generation of a more effective and more comprehensive range of Ozone Disinfection Systems.

However the real magic is that Ozone Disinfection Systems from iZoneO3 can be retrofitted, non-intrusively, to most commercial and industrial equipment, so there may be no need to commit to a new washing machine. iZoneO3 contains unique system components that ensure WRAS approvals are not jeopardised.


Ozone, infused within the wash liquor, enables disinfection at lower temperatures with superior results and total infection control.  This allows laundry items to be treated kindly, so laundry items can be disinfected in water at ambient room temperature.

With this more gentle process textiles can last anything up to 50% longer (without the harsh heat process).

Ozone Disinfection systems from  iZoneO3 will reduce energy, water and chemical usage whilst providing total infection control and boosting green credentials.

The benefits of Ozone Disinfection Systems from  iZoneO3 include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  1. Total infection control (MRSA and C-Diff, Noro Virus, E-Coli and others…)
  2. Lower temperatures = shorter cycle times
  3. Reduced water consumption = cost savings
  4. Reduced energy consumption = cost savings
  5. Reduced chemical consumption = cost savings and environmentally friendly
  6. Reduced water retention = reduced drying times
  7. Softer towels/linens = happy clients
  8. Reduced need for bleaching agents = kinder to skin and environment
  9. Delicates can be safely processed at lower temperatures = no shrinking of delicates

NOTE: For an existing laundry operation, it may be possible to enhance with Ozone disinfection without having to upgrade.  Most modern commercial and industrial washing machines can be retrofitted with an Ozone Disinfection System from  iZoneO3 and these systems are available; on a low-cost rental – or outright purchase agreement, Today... 

Enhance green credentials, invest in an Ozone Disinfection System from iZoneO3 and make the savings for now and the future. 

Be aware that Ozone is a disinfection agent and not a cleaning agent per se.  Heavy soiled items will  still need a moderately high temperature wash cycle although subsequent disinfection can occur in a cooler rinse stage.

iZoneO3 dedicated Ozone Disinfection systems do provide a substantial savings potential for laundry operations that are reliant on total infection control and for those that just need to reduce operating costs.

The actual savings made will be dependent on each specific situation, iZoneO3 can give an indication of potential savings on request, do feel free to ask.