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The increasing popularity of Ozone laundering has increased the need for reliable sources of information. The need for such sources is apparent by the flood of misunderstandings and questions that are currently in the marketplace regarding Ozone and its application to laundering systems. Here is a list of common misunderstandings encountered throughout the laundry industry.

Do I have to commit to a long term expensive contract that includes a new commercial or industrial washing machine?

Fact: iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems are available for purchase or rental (short or long term agreements are available) and can be fitted to most modern commercial and industrial washing machines. As long as both equipment and operating environment meet the minimum requirements installation can be effected without the need for upgrading to a new washing machine.

Will the iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection System damage my commercial washing machine?

Fact: Modern commercial washing machines use EPDM and Viton® for their hoses, seals and gaskets which are Ozone-resistant, consequently iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems will not damage this laundry equipment. iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems can be fitted to most modern washing machines without being intrusive. The unique way of installing an iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection System ensures that no hoses require cutting and no extensive rewiring is necessary.

Do I need to keep on buying bottled Ozone to refill the system?

Fact: This has been seen as a common sales tactic to discredit the benefits of Ozone by others. In fact with iZoneO3 all the Ozone required for an effective laundry operation is generated by the iZoneO3 Ozone technology from free air and safely injected into the commercial washing machine.  

Ozone systems are big and require a lot of space?

Fact: iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems are small, compact and can be wall-mounted.  Low profile design ensures that space requirements are minimal. All iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems have the same external footprint. If wall-space is not available then iZoneO3 can be supplied with an attractive, powder-coated stand.

Will the laundry room always smell of Ozone?

Fact: Laundry operations that are equipped with iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems do not smell of Ozone because of the unique design and installation of IzoneO3 Systems. If you already have an Ozone system and you can smell Ozone then this suggest that it is a poorly designed and managed system.

Is Ozone dangerous?

Fact: Ozone must be respected and breathable air in the working environment must be monitored. All iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems include a room monitor that constantly checks the working environment for levels of detected Ozone in the air.  In the event of any Ozone detected, above the preset safety level, iZoneO3 systems are designed to shut down Ozone generation until the Ozone levels have reduced below the preset level.

Note: HSE Guidelines stipulate a maximum concentration of Ozone in air at 0.2ppm (parts per million).  iZoneO3 safety systems are designed to activate when levels are in excess of 0.1ppm, thereby ensuring a safe working environment.

As a generalized statement, Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and strong disinfectant. Those two features alone qualify Ozone to be treated appropriately. 

Professionals at iZoneo3 are knowledgeable about Ozone, its properties and handling, and have learned how to design, apply, monitor and control Ozone for laundry operations and room sanitizers.

iZoneO3 are the only Ozone laundry specialists accredited and associated with the International Ozone Association.

Note: In more than 100 years of commercial use all over the world, there has never been a single fatality that has been shown to be caused by exposure to Ozone. 

Will my laundry still smell after it has been washed?

Fact: Smells are the product of bacteria. Washing with iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems will eradicate bacteria, consequently laundered items will be soft, clean and fresh.

Will I always have poor wash results when using Ozone?

Fact: When installed and configured properly, iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems can deliver exceptional and outstanding wash quality results at low or ambient temperatures. Many other suppliers do not exhibit an understanding of how to configure Ozone systems to work effectively with the available equipment.

For example the use of Ozone has been oversold as a cleaning agent, in essence Ozone facilitates the cleaning processes and does not remove the need for detergents and bleaches in certain circumstances.

iZoneO3 have experience in ensuring best wash results by ensuring that laundry operations are optimised for Ozone use.

I use a soap powder designed to combat MRSA - why do I need Ozone?

Fact: There are some products that are designed to combat MRSA at low temperatures.  What is generally overlooked is that there is a specification that is required for these products to be effective (precise dosing and typically a minimum 40°C wash for a contact time of no less than 10 minutes). 

Most commercial washing machines with a standard normal 40°C cycle will not maintain that temperature for that duration.  As a result you would be paying a premium price for a product and not achieving disinfection. This can put staff and clients at risk of infection.

For delicates (such as woolens) 40°C is still too high and fabric damage will occur.  

With an iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection System installed infection control is achieved at ambient temperatures without the need for detergents or chemicals.

Can Ozone destroy fabrics?

Fact: iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems provide a gentle wash and will not destroy fabrics.

There are three main causes of linen degradation: temperature, mechanical washing action, and chemical useage. Each of these parameters is reduced when using the iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection System, providing for a better wash quality.

  • Temperature: High temperatures, whether during the washing or drying process, degrades the quality of linen fibres–making it the number one enemy to linen. The lint trapped in any dryer is a prime example of what happens to linens exposed to high temperatures. The lint on dryer screens is composed of fibres that previously comprised the laundered fabrics. Over time, heat is the primary cause of fabrics becoming coarse, tearing and eventually requiring replacement. Ozone laundering reduces exposure to high temperatures by shortening the washing and drying times as well as washing primarily in low temperature water.

  • Mechanical Washing Action: During an average wash, soiled cloth materials are lifted by paddles in the drum, and then dropped repeatedly. This washing action flexes the weave of the fabric and forces water and detergent through the load. iZoneO3 laundering relaxes the weave of fabrics, which allows the washing action to be more effective. This increase in effectiveness results in a decrease in linen degradation.

  • Chemical Useage: Chemicals decrease the quality and longevity of fabrics. High pH chemicals used for the removal of heavy soils (grease, fats, blood) are a main contributing factor to the degradation of linen during the wash process. By potentially reducing the amount of these alkalis being used, Ozone aids in maintaining the quality and life of laundered fabrics.

Is Ozone a Laundry "Bleaching" Agent?

Fact: Ozone is a not a laundry bleaching agent.

Ozone is not a laundry bleaching agent and will not replace bleach. A reduction in bleach may be possible because Ozone is a better catalyst for bleach than hot water. While Ozone activates many laundering chemicals and has a profound effect on the wash process, it is not a laundry bleaching/whitening agent per se. Bleach still is required to whiten, although less may be required depending on existing conditions.

Can I wash everything in cold water?

Fact: Washing with iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection Systems will dramatically reduce your hot water usage and heating demand in most routine situations. Some suppliers boast that all washing can be conducted in cold water. This is not strictly accurate. Whilst Ozone can clean and disinfect effectively in 100% cold water, there will be situations where hot washing is necessary

Will my chemical representative be able to attend to my Ozone chemical needs?

Fact: Most reputable chemical suppliers are likely to have the necessary skills and ability to understand how to adapt their chemicals for use with Ozone. However in the event that your chemical suppliers have no experience iZoneO3 can advise on how best to integrate with an Ozone system.

iZoneO3 can supply a range of high quality specially-formulated chemicals designed for use with Ozone disinfection systems.