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Ozone Disinfection systems from iZoneO3 are currently installed in a number of select sites, either working through authorised suppliers and/or directly through iZoneO3. 

Authorised Ozone-competent engineers continue to monitor and calibrate iZoneO3 - Ozone Disinfection Systems for maximum possible benefit and to ensure that ongoing maintenance is carried out according to an agreed maintenance schedule.

NOTE: It is important to ensure that Ozone technology is maintained properly to ensure that iZoneO3 - Ozone Disinfection Systems continue to operate safely and effectively.

Each situation is unique and the savings that others achieve may be different from the savings that you might expect.  Ozone Disinfection systems from iZoneO3 can be fitted to existing laundry equipment - or incorporated with new equipment supply...

Contract Cleaners - Control Infection

Working through approved suppliers Laundry365 - iZoneO3 introduced the concept of Ozone Disinfection as the next step in Laundry Operation evolution.

Taking the opportunity to supply multi-channel iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection systems and ensuring a seamless integration with Electrolux Commercial laundry equipment, Laundry processes are now efficient and infection-free, equipment is clean between washes (so no potential for cross-contamination) and substantial cost savings are being measured.

Premier League Football Club - Not fading away

Working with an accredited dealer OPL, iZoneO3 Ozone disinfection systems have been installed on site to process this Premier League football club's entire range of kit.  Washing at lower temperatures ensures that colours are less likely to fade, and transfers (names and numbers) are undamaged as well as reducing the potential for infection.

Residential Care Home - London

Working with an accredited dealer OPL, iZoneO3 Ozone disinfection systems have been installed on site to provide a mechanism for infection control in this shared residential facility.

Care Home Group - Laundry Facility

iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection systems are being retrofitted to a wide range of existing commercial laundry equipment for this Care Home Group - whilst not impacting the WRAS status of existing equipment and needing minimal disruption to the fabric of building.

Coin-Op Laundrette - London

iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection systems have been fitted to existing  washing machines in a coin-op and service wash laundrette.  Customers and service staff remark on the quality of laundry output, towels are brighter and fresh-smelling, sporting attire is spotless and disinfected.  Utility bills and detergent use is significantly less than comparable periods (prior to iZoneO3 disinfection systems being installed).

iZoneO3 - for Coin-op laundrette in SE London