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Onsite Evaluation

Onsite Evaluation - Try before you buy

iZoneO3 affordable Ozone Disinfection Systems will save you a substantial amount of money in operational running costs. This can be proven by installing an iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection System to a suitable washing machine and monitoring energy and water usage.

Comparison between the useage rates before iZoneO3 and after its installation will give an indication of the possible savings.  iZonO3 - Ozone Disinfection Systems can be fitted to most good makes of commercial or industrial washing machines.

A trial would typically include a benchmarking assessment - monitoring energy and water used on an unmodified washing machine for a period of 30 days. Then installing the appropriate iZoneO3 Ozone Disinfection System, allowing some time to settle after calibration and then monitoring energy and water useage for a further 30 day period. At the end of 60 days the analysis of before and after usage will reveal the potential for significant savings.

Each situation is unique and consequently the scope for savings will be determined by various factors which may or may not be known. 

Hotels using ozone disinfection report up to 60% savings in operational running costs.  iZoneO3 would suggest that significant savings can be made, however it will be difficult to assign a monetary value without understanding the basis for comparison.

Care Homes and other shared accommodations (including Cruise Liners) may place greater emphasis on infection control, with cost control an additional benefit.  For a care home environment with an 18Kg washing machine performing 6 cycles per day; an indication of costs savings of up to £3,000 per annum may be realised (this would be in an ideal situation with an effective laundry operation).

If the benefits are not demonstrable iZoneO3 will remove equipment and leave no trace of it ever having been connected.

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